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This book started off pretty badly, and I thought it would be like any other dystopian with a corrupt government, and a girl and boy stuck in the middle who fall in love even if the world is falling apart. And it was, it was kinda obvious that Chase and Ember were gonna come together in the end, even through all the traumas that they went through. I think that Kristen Simmons should of added more of a twist in the book, with the introduction of a new character that Ember falls in love with, or a girl that Chase falls in love with. It was more or less like any other book.

This book followed the same storyline as any other book set in a future world with a government power that is bringing the world to ruins. It also had a brave female heroine and a mysterious or broken boy who needs fixing that the heroine falls in love with. There should of been more twists and should of not followed the same basic storyline, even though it had some twists in the plot, it still was the same.

I think Ember was a bit to obsessed with her mother, all she really thought about was to get her mother safe, she hardly thought about herself, all focused on her mother. She should of taken the time to look around.

This was a good book that was written good, it needed more difference, but all in all, it was an alright book that you may enjoy if you like dystopians.
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