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I Can't Find the Words
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It is not often a book moves me to tears, like sobbing into your Taco Bell tears, and really I cried into my breakfast and lunch today because I could not stop reading this book. I knew from reading the book description it would get to me but I had no idea how much.

Travis is one of my favorite characters I have ever read. Why? Because he is real. Being inside his head was insightful and at times very painful. The roller coaster of his life in Afghanistan, I can imagine, is portrayed to a tee. When Travis returns from his tour, after losing his best friend in an attack, he has no idea where he fits in to his "normal" life. His family life is messed up, to say the least, and he can't get the nightmares of Charlie's death out of his head.

Harper has quite the history with Travis that goes all the way back to middle school. She is one kick butt girl that would be a heck of a friend to anyone...but don't cross her! She is a special person and is there for Travis in a way that no one else is. She doesn't pry or push him but really challenges him in ways he doesn't even understand.

I can't imagine being in Travis' shoes. He tries to put on a brave face but he is suffering with issues that not many of us will ever understand. I challenge you after you read this to not look at the next serviceman you see in a different way or hear a news story about another fallen soldier and not tear up. This book made me realize once again what a valuable resource veterans our to our country.

This book is too important to not read. I can't simply just recommend this book. I give it my highest of recommendations. I think everyone should read it. In fact, I would a buy a copy for everyone if I could. And I won't believe you if you tell me that when you read the last two pages you weren't be a sloppy, sobbing mess. I'm thinking about it now and here come the tears again.
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One of the most honest and real books I've ever read
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