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Even Kraven and all his smart ass remarks were not enough to keep me from throwing down the white flag and metaphorically shutting this e-ARC. What’s worse, I had such high hopes, such is the way with all brand new paranormal romance releases.

I wasn't impressed, wasn’t moved or stimulated. It’s not as if Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen is a bad book, completely poorly-written. Because that isn’t true. It’s just so been there, done that that I couldn’t bear to keep wading through the predictability.

Originally posted at Paranormal Indulgence, 6/7/12
Good Points
PRO: Dark, urban setting
For some reason, when I think of Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen and its setting, I visualize cities like Chicago as the backdrop. Kind of dark, edgy, and, for some reason, rainy as well. It feels very atmospheric, sort of consuming your focus with wandering imaginings of what this place might actually look like. But dark, urban settings totally rock for these equally dark paranormal stories. It gives the story that much more of an edge, and so much playing room.

PRO: Kraven
I know it’s so cliché of me, but there’s a reason why I liked Luc Caine from Lisa Desrocher’s Personal Demons so much. The bad boy with the clever, snarky quips and dangerous, intimidating demeanor always wins out over the (relatively) nice guy. Kraven is a demon and one of the two who make up the team of four supernatural beings responsible for this divine mission to restore balance and blah blah blah. The point is this guy knows how to burst a moment, anger, deflate, put down, fight—I can’t say I love the guy, but he is certainly an improvement to the rest of the cast. He has a presence in the story where the others do not, and I found myself forming a quick attachment to his character.
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