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This book is full of everything, mystery, action, rebellion, suspense, and little twists in the plot every now and then. The mystery surrounding Metias' death was pretty clever, and I thought it was pretty harsh that....that would ruin the story if I told you. The dual views of Day and June was pretty clever, and so you got two sides of the same story, and in the middle part of the book, I tried to put the facts together to see what would happen at the end. It was way different to what I expected!!!

I think June was pretty hellbent about her brother's killer, a girl like her should of stopped and thought about what she was doing, and try to solve the puzzle. Instead she was so focused on hunting down Day that she did not see the real truth, and that would of changed everything. I think the author did this so June will be a one minded person, and that was pretty clever.

I think the romance between Day and June was obviously going to happen, so there should of been a bit more twists surrounding that. It was also to sudden, it was sorta like an insta-love kinda relationship, and it should of been more of a love-hate thing and then finally realising at the end of the book that they were perfect for each other, but the author did not, so I think it lost some marks there.

This book was full of dark secrets that helped twist the plot, and strong characters that are written amazingly. This book is worth your time if you love science-fiction and possible futures full of corrupted governments who think they are the only way to move forward. This book was pure awesomeness!
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