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4.0 I understand why people are so annoyed about the cliffhanger. On one hand. I understand why it ended like that, but that doesn't make it annoy me any less.

Anyway, enough about the cliffhanger. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the authors' writing style, the way they use description and dialogue really make the characters and the world come alive. No matter how nonchalantly I start out reading the books by the end I am completely immersed in the story and in the world.

Characters (because they are what really make this book epicful):

Ethan aka SPOILER!!!!! "The One Who Is Two" END SPOILER!!! - He wasn't as annoying as he sometimes is. I found it immensely enjoyable to read about him going slightly crazy. And he and Lena are just so fun to make fun of that I can't help but like him.

Lena aka "Emo Princess" - So I pretty much loved her interactions with Liv. Especially during and after Ridley's Furur(..spelling?)...she became a lot more relatable and enjoyable to read about in this book. I actually found her fun and enjoyable at some parts. And for the parts where she was being "emo princess" well I just smiled and bore through it.

Liv aka "Olivia" - I was disappointed when it seemed like she was going to be forgotten about. She was hardly in the beginning of the book at all. Like she had disappeared off the face of the earth...or just into the Tunnels. But, as is Liv style, she made an epic comeback and forced her way into the story. SPOILER!!!! I absolutely loved her relationship with John! I totally called it! Wooo! END SPOILER!!!!

John Breed aka one of the most epic characters in the book - So yeah...I was annoyed when it took them so long to find him. I was beginning to worry that most of the book would go by without him joining the party. But boyyyy was I wrong! Woooo! As is his style he had one of the most awesome dramatic entries in the history of Gatlin dramatic entries. And ever since has been showing up Ethan...and Lena...and Link...and Macon...and Ridley...and everyone, in the most awesome scenes possible.

Link aka Linkubus - So, I've always loved Link's character. He offsets Ethan's...Ethan-ness beautifully. So needless to say I couldn't wait to see how he was as an Incubus...well quarter Incubus. As was expected, he was even awesomer and funnier and cuter as Linkubus. I have also always been a fan of Link and Ridley. And Beautiful Chaos does not disappoint in that manner, their relationship is so....ARGHHHH! and EEEEEEP! and YOU IDIOT!!! and YOU ARE IN LOOOOOOOVE!

Ridley aka Rid, my favorite character...other than John and Link and Amma and Macon..and of my most favorite characters - Yeah. I sorta love her character and everything about her. And Link and Ridley and ARGH!!! and EEEEEEEP! and YOU IDIOT!!! and YOU ARE IN LOOOOOOOOOOVE! *senses deja vu* Anyway...I loved how she acted when she was Mortal and kept in character in every single thing she said and did. Despite the fact that I believed many of her actions and choices to be stupid, they made sense with her character, which made me totally love everything about her.

Amma aka Wielder of the One Eyed Menace - D: That's all I have to say.

Aunt Prue aka Mapper of Tunnels - I can't believe she SPOILER!!!!!DIED!!! END SPOILER!!!!! I totally did not expect that going into the book! I think it worked out wonderfully and made sense though. I was sad at her death, but the way that the authors led up to it made it not as sad as it could be, which I think was perfect. Aunt Prue isn't the kind of person to be sad. This is exampled by the fact that despite my misgivings I laughed during her funeral scene. This makes me sound like a horrible person...but if you read it you'll find certain aspects of it are hilarious!

Macon aka Not Macon as in Mac n' Cheese or Makin' some chicken, Macon as in Ma con or May con - Yeah, as usually we was pretty awesome. Got some cool new powers and he reminded me vaguely of Gandalf during certain parts. But maybe that's just me.

Marian aka Marian the Librarian - Totally not fair! She is innocent!!!! That is all.

Mrs. English aka SPOILER!!!!Lilum the Demon Queen END SPOILER!!! - I find the fact that I just read "The Crucible" before reading Beautiful Chaos highly suspicious...just as I found the fact that I had read "To Kill A Mockingbird" a few months before reading Beautiful Creates slightly suspicious. Do these authors know what I read and incorporate it into their novels so I can smile and know what they are talking about? Anyway, I found it annoying that the English teacher's name was "Mrs. English" but the whole thing with the... "I love and hate how major plot points happen when you least expect it. Ethan goes to give his English teacher cookies and suddenly BABOOM! Abraham and Sarafine are there. And suddenly! Major plot point." Makes up for it. She was just pretty awesome.

Ethan's dad aka "Mitchell" - I have nothing to say about him. I don't know why I'm even including him....

Sarafine, Abraham, Silas, Hunting aka the bad guys - They sure were bad. (you can tell that the longer I go the more lazy I get :P) Sarafine's theme song:

Anyway, enough with the characters. I obviously enjoyed the plot. It started off fairly slow but quickly gained speed and epicness. I'm beginning to wonder how everything will tie up nicely. But I suppose I have to wait and read the next(last?) book to find out.

The book's theme song (in my opinion) -
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