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Geek Girl by Cindy c Bennett
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It all starts with an innocent....well maybe not so innocent bet..."Think I can turn that boy bad?" 17-year-old Jen says to her friends. This bet turns her life upside down when, out of boredom, she makes a bet that she can turn school geek Trevor into someone like her. Instead, Jen the goth girl finds herself sucked into Trevor's geek world of sci-fi movies, charity work, and even-ugh!-bowling. However to truly belong with him and with her new foster family, Jen must first come to terms with her violent past.
Can Jen turn Trevor "bad" or will the opposite happen? Is Jen truly bad herself? What happened in Jens past that turned her so very very black and negative to all around her? Will Trev ever forgive her? Will Jen get her happy ending?

As always its quite difficult to review some books without giving away spoilers but I am going to try my best with this review. Firstly, I initially thought I wasn't going to like the book, but decided to continue reading and as I got further into reading the book I really did find myself enjoying it and wondering what would happen. Cindy writes it so well you really do feel emotionally for Jen. Jen hasn't had the greatest start in lif, you find that out a fair way into the book, then it helps you understand why she doesn't open herslef up to anyone, not even her foster parents. Jen calls their daughter Tamara "the cheerleader" as she symbolises everything that Jen is not! Jen is dark, wears short black clothers has dyed black hair and heavy makeup but Tamara is light and fresh wears "cheer leader" type clothes and is always happy etc.
I think Jen picks Trevor for the bet because he is everything she is not, she is dark,negative,friendless,and unloved (she thinks) where as Trevor is light,positive, kind,has lots of frends and loved by everyone. Jen soon realises that she likes Trevor and things go further and spiral out of her control of the constraints of the bet. Jens "friends" then spoil all she has built for herself by interfering and she finds herself "hated" again with not even her "dark negative" friends for company. So does Jen go back to the uncaring person she once was? Strangely she cannot do this because Trevor has indeed changed her rather than her changing him as she set out to do. A new girl starts at school called Jane who befriends Jen and helps her come to terms with all that has happened. Does Trevor forgive Jen? Has Jen finally got a true real friend in the shape of Jane? You really need to buy the book when it comes out, I recommend it! It is so realistic when you see a school cafeteria you see the separate cliques and groups, the "populars", the "goths" and the "geeks". I loved the adult characters in the book too the Clarkes, Jens foster parents who do genuinely love her and trust her and accept her as her "goth" type appearance and never draw attention or comment when she changes her look. I also loved the way Brian's mum totally accepted her into her home too and finally Trevor's mum accepts her eventually. I also love Todd's unconditional love of Jen and his innocent comment that make others blush!
I have seen a few different covers for this book, I loved the plain black one with Geek Girl wrote on it but I also like the one pictured with this review
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