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First of I really like the colour of the cover, but then purple is my favourite colour.
Now the book, I did enjoy the book, the plot is quite original with "Made Vampires" and "Born Vampires" This book also has the different element of clones and of Vampires being guardians of the humans that live around them. I liked the character of Dawn, and her complicated relationship with her father. The four vampires she is sent to train to take over from the previous guardians are also good characters but I felt I would have linked to have known a little more about them, perhaps that will happen in following books. I did feel that some parts of the book were sort of glanced over, for example the training could have been told in a little more detail. Then the action scenes were really good and well described in detail. I definitely finished the book wanting to know more, so I hope that there is more to come. I liked the whole love triangle thing going on between Dawn, Sebastian and Ethan. I suppose you could say that this book set the scene and was the back story of more to come.
I was a little disappointed that more was not made of the fact that Dawn has violet eyes. I wanted to know why she had violet eyes when Aurora had green eyes. (you will learn who Aurora is when you read the book) The book is quite complex in places, but things are explained to you as you go along so I would say this was a fairly easy book to read. To be honest I literally read it in one sitting!
So on the whole I enjoyed the book but wanted a little more of it. I want to know more about the new guardians of Angel Creek. This book was like a taster of what's to come, a prequel maybe? I'd like the next book to be a bit longer too please.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes Would I read more if this is a series? Yes, I want to know more Would I read more by Ada Adams? Yes I liked her ideas and the concept of the book. Would I recommend it? Yes, it was a great quick read!
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Fast paced, quick Read
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