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Untouched Denazen 1.5 by Jus Accardo
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I Love that Kale is once again on the cover of this book, you can certainly see what Deznee means about those beautiful blue staring eyes! Hmmm tasty!
Untouched is a short novella that follows after Touch (to keep us going a little until Toxic is released in September 2012). This time the story is from Kale's point of view, so it has some humour, as he is still relatively new to the experiences of the outside world away from Denazen Corporation.
Deznee and Kale are working with Ginger and the free sixes to try and keep as many sixes free from Denazen as they can. This means going to the sixes listed on the sheet that Brandt got hold of and convincing them to hide away from Denazen and its employees, better still is to talk them into fighting the fight against Denazen.
In this story we meet Kiernan. we learn that Deznee is still the bloshy girl she always was who puts her life on the line to help others.
We also learn a little more about Kale. We learn he was tortured emotionally as well as physically by a Denazen Agent called Samsen.
Kale and Deznee's love is still blooming, even though they face danger all around them.
So, did I enjoy the novella? Yes ....BUT it made me want Toxic now! Would I recommend reading this novella? Yes!
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