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(Updated: May 27, 2012)
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City of Lost Souls took a while to digest. All night I could feel it in my gut like deadweight. All the subplots and characters and relationships and the fact that so much was going on made this book hard to break down.

But, finally, I woke up this morning and it all made sense. So, seeing as the book has been split into separate filing cabinets in my brain, I'm going to replicate that onto this review:
Good Points
I felt that Lost Souls was more compulsively readable than the other installments in the series. With all of the other books, I frequently found myself banging my head against the wall/skimming/debating microwaving an owl. With this installment, I found myself wanting to keep reading. Lost Souls had a lot more substance than the other books, which were stuffed with boring, meaningless conversation. Even though the book is a whopping 536 pages (Clare's second longest book yet, Glass being the longest), it never lets go of you.

I also appreciate how Clare didn't end the book with a tremendous, soul-shocking cliffhanger that makes you want to steal Clare's laptop to get a glimpse of the final book in the series. The end does make you want to read the next one, just not in a way that'll make you dread the long, long wait until March '14. Yes, that's twenty-two months of waiting. I don't know how I'm going to wait that long.

Another thing I love about The Mortal Instruments is how there are so many characters that you can fall in love with. My favorite couple in the books is Isabelle and Simon. They're my two favorite characters in the book, and they're totally meant for each other.
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