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“Insurgent,” he says. “Noun. A person who acts in opposition to the established authority, who is not necessarily regarded as a belligerent.”
I had been smart, and had kept my expectations of Insurgent very low, so I wouldn't be utterly disappointed in it. It was a completely unnecessary thing to do, I found out while reading. Insurgent is one of these books that completely blew my mind. I just finished it 5 minutes ago, and I still am kind of speechless. I liked Insurgent even better than Divergent, and that was one of my favourite books of 2011.

Tris and the other characters show a lot of development. Only, character development is not a very accurate way to describe it. I could better day that it was a whole character transformation. The way the title of this book describes Tris 2.0, it's amazing. I can imagine Veronica Roth reading through a dictionary searching for a perfect name for this book, then stumbling upon the word Insurgent. I can almost imagine her squeeing and doing the happy dance. It's something I would do if I were her... :)

Tris's character has grown from a little girl into a full-grown powerful independent women. Even though she still is very small looking from the outside, which btw really adds something to her character. She isn't Beatrice anymore. Tobias 'Four' also showed a lot of charcter development. The most important to me was a change in his fears, about which I can't talk without spoiling the story... Then there are some new characters, and some old ones who, sometimes very unexpectedly, returned.

Immediately after the ending of Divergent, Insurgent started. This was pretty hard for me. It had been over 4 months since I'd read Divergent, and I had forgotten lots of character names, and quite a lot of the plot. After a few chapters I was completely sucked up by the story again, and all my questions about what happened to who in Divergent disappeared. The story continues, but there are some massive changes in the structure of the soceity. War between the Factions if luring around the corner, and friends aren't who they seemed to be. Tris reminds me of Katniss a lot, and the plot of Insurgent reminded me a lot of Mockingjay's plot. They weren't really the same, but they just shared some similarities I couldn't avoid seeing. The story kept me interested from the title until the very last word.

The ending already has me craving for the next -and final :c- book in this series. It doesn't even have a title :o! I wish I had it right now. Accio Divergent #3! Does anyone have the blueprints for a time machine? I really need one at the moment.
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