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4.6 62
Young Adult Fiction 30711
Alternating Dual 1st Person POV. Masterfully Written Pageturner!
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I highly recommend this book. There's a reason it landed on the NYT bestseller list and hung around for a LONG time!
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I was mesmerized by the masterful way Asher weaves two different (male and female) First Person POVs together into a seamless story that intensifies as it progresses. The topic is suicide and what precipitates the choice of a young girl driven to this choice. You experience it firsthand as the MC, Clay, who receives a mysterious package of cassette tapes (holy 80's batman!) from Hannah, a girl he realizes he had feelings for.

This story pulled me in right from the start, shortly after pushing play on the 7 cassettes (each side adds up to 13, since the last one only has one side). As you follow Clay through an unforgettable night of wandering the town to each spot where the story originally took place, you unravel the mystery of WHY.

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