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You've Got the Future in Your Hands
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The power and popularity of social networking seems so common place to us now. It is hard to image life without tweets and status updates.The Future of Us takes the reader back to 1996 where facebooks where actual books college freshmen received, where AOL was new and sometimes a little unknown. 

This book brought back a lot of memories of high school and the first time my friends and I signed on to AOL and heard that familiar ding and "You got mail." The characters in The Future of Us are relatable and real. Characters I would have been friends with in high school. Emma and Josh are easy to relate to whether you grew up in the 1990s or 2010s. My students have even commented that they didn't want to finish the book , they didn't want to say goodbye.

Besides the great characters, The Future of Us brings a new twist to time travel and changing the future. What would you do if you could figure out how every single action you did today, affect your future for better or worse. If you could control your future, would you? What if it meant losing your best friend? Or feeling like you have no way to control your happiness?

Great addition to anyone's library for a fun read. My students have been raving about the book for months!
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