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One of my favorite 2012 debuts so far.
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Storm isn't just about the hot boys. It's full of petty high school rumors, some evil guys, and some boys who show you that the good guys really do exist.

Chris and his brothers can control the elements. And that's something no one is supposed to be able to do. While I sometimes felt like the danger could have seemed a little more threatening, the suspense is kept throughout the entire book. It's something Brigid Kemmerer really knows how to write.

Another thing she really knows how to write are likable, three-dimensional characters. Even in third person, it's easy to get a feel for all of the characters. Becca is perfectly ordinary, just like most girls. She worries about grades and boys, but at the same time, she's tough. She does her best to ignore the terrible rumors about her. And in the end, maybe she's not so ordinary after all. Becca is just a very easy character to relate to, but she's also admirable.

Chris can control water. His personality isn't extraordinary, but maybe that's why I liked him so much. He's not a sex-crazed teenage boy, he's not the sweetest guy you'll ever meet . . . he's ordinary. Kind of a breath of fresh air. He's caring and kind, (and even kind of a hero) but at the same time, he's not perfect. He gets angry. His relationships with his brothers aren't full of sunshine and unicorns.

And, let's face it. I think it's kind of kick-ass that he can basically control the tide when he wants.

Another thing that's done perfectly? The way the relationship between Becca and Chris develops. There's usually a bit of tension, but romance doesn't even come into the mix for quite awhile.

Even the secondary characters are amazing. Chris's brothers - Nick, Gabriel, and Michael - are all people you get strong personalities from, but at the same time, you don't learn everything. You get to be curious for the next books.

Is it weird to say I love the Guild? Because I do. They're the kind of bad guys I love most - the kind that think they're protecting the world from monsters when they're the monsters themselves.

Overall: The characters in Storm are some of the best characters I've ever read. There's suspense and action and even some romance. (And a really cool dog.) Storm isn't anything like the normal paranormal books. (Although to be honest I'm not even sure if it's classified as paranormal. I've been getting my genres confused lately. It's probably more sci-fi. Maybe.) 5 stars.
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