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Jacinda Jones is a draki a fire-breathing draki, the first in the pride in over four hundred years. Jacinda rare talent makes her the most prized possession of her pride. Draki's ability to shape shift into human form is one of the few things that keeps the them safe from Hunters. One day when Jacinda breaks the rules and flies during daylight hours she almost gets captured by a group of hunters. But Will saves her life by not revealing her hiding place to the hunters.This leads to her mother deciding it is best for her family flee their home. Her mother thinks it would be safer if Jacinda’s inner Draki dies off like hers did so she chooses to move them to Chaparral a desert area where Draki can’t survive. Jacinda doesn't want to loose the Draki part of herself so she fights against it. And then when she starts school she meets Will the boy who saved her life, but he doesn’t recognize her human form. And what make it even better whenever she is around him he revives her Draki. So Jacinda has to be very careful about keeping her Draki alive and not exposing herself to a clan of Hunters.

I have never read a book about dragons before and I really enjoyed it a lot. I really liked the predator and pray concept of the book and the chemistry between Will and Jacinda. Tamara I just didn't really like her she seemed to only think about herself and what she wanted but I kind of felt sorry for her because of the way the pride treated her. I liked the mom but I didn't like that she wanted Jacinda's Draki to die so she could be "normal". This book was amazing and I'm dying to know what happens next!
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