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I had a hard time starting this book – for the first 100 pages, I kept picking it up and then putting it back down. You were just shown various seemingly unconnected events without any explanations whatsoever. I am SO glad I picked it back up though! Once I had slugged through the beginning, the rest was an amazing, captivating read!

Characters: I think the best part of Every Other Day was the characters. They are REALLY well-portrayed and it is impossible not to love them, especially when you learn more about their backgrounds. For most of the book, Kali is shown as a protective martyr and it is interesting to see her transformation for a hostile, loner to a more open, caring person.

Plot: There is so much mystery and suspense – about the chupacabra, Bethany’s father, her own mother, Zev and the unnatural supernatural creatures and the way it all weaves together to create a gripping story. Even if you had hated the book all that time, it is impossible to deny that the showdown in the end will make you jump and down with excitement – it’s a gigantic BAM! Fortunately, there’s no romance to spoil the fun although I have no doubt it will be added in the sequel.

Setting: It isn’t just an awesome paranormal world, it’s an awesome alternate world where Darwin discovered, not evolution, but supernatural creatures. Here, demons, vampires, zombies and dragons are common knowledge and are protected by the government as “endangered species”.

Disclaimer: I do not hold responsibility if this book makes you distraught, you crash into something jumping and down with excitement or if you miss your appointment reading this ;)
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