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Please Ignore Vera Dietz is heartbreaking.

The beauty in this story is that while Vera Dietz is swimming in her grief, she still seems to pull you out of your own. This book makes you sit up and pay attention. Because really, who can’t sympathize with losing someone? Who can’t relate to a person who made bad choices? Who doesn’t know how to mess themselves up so brutally? Who doesn’t know that rhetorical questions are often the mark of someone who doesn’t know what to say?

Well, as far as the rhetorical questions question goes, I think that rhetorical questions are sometimes useful. I don’t like reading books that don’t make me think. And the theme of Vera’s story could be a million different questions. Will you change your life? Will you change someone else’s life? Will you make a choice that will affect the rest of your life? Will you write Zen quotes on post-its and leave them lying around your house?

In the end, you have to answer your own questions. There is only really one question someone else can answer for you, and that is whether or not you should read this book. And the answer to that is yes.
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