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BZRK by Michael Grant Review
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First let me tell you this book is confusing. Really confusing.
The book mainly follows Sadie and Noah, two teenagers who are to be trained to enter BZRK, a group of teens who are trying to fight the Armstrong Corporation. I liked this two characters, but I felt like the book didn’t have enough of them.

If you have a weak-stomach, don’t read this book. It is full of graphic descriptions that would make the weak-stomach sick. I almost puked while reading this. Also the book is full of mature language, so beware.

Overall, this book was Ok. It had a nice voice, nice characters, and great plot, but I think that Grant’s other book “Gone” is so much better.
Good Points
-i liked the characters. They felt real. I felt what they felt and saw what they saw.

-The plot was great, and so was the concept of the book. Really original. Never heard of something like this before. Small robots going into people's body. i like it.

-The mature language felt right. I don't know why, but it did.
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