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Torn is a book every teenage girl will love!
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Stepanie Guerra created a book lots of teenage girls will love. Even though it's not the genre I like best, I loved this book, and want to read more by the author, Stephanie Guerra.
The main character in this book, Stella, really is a good girl, but will she turn into a good girl gone bad? She is someone I'dlove to be friends with! She takes care of her brother and sister, and acts as if she is an adult, but never complains to others how much her life sucks. Then there comes the new girl, that is completely different, and she decides to give her a shot, which immediately made me love her. No love at first sight for her, which is another + :D
Then there is the other important character, Ruby. She is the exact opposite of Stella, but I adored her too, or at least in some parts of the book. She is the one that always chooses dare with thruth or dare. She's the one that will never abandon you, and the one that loves you as a sister. She's the one with a hard life you don't know about until it's too late, just because she is such a great actor.
This book showed me the value of friendship. Also, boyfriends were not the #1 priority for Stella, and that was great. She had a life, even without a boyfriend. Some other YA books make me wonder if the characters would survive a week without their boyfriends. *FYI, that's a bad thing ;)*
The story starts happy, and everything's ok. But of course, it turns around, and drama takes over. And not only whiny-girl drama... Stella has to make some serious decisions, and will she choose the right thing. Will there even be a right thing to choose?
The writing style of Stephanie is great, and the pace of the story was perfect, there was happening enough, and not too much in each chapter.

A fun read that includes some difficult choices, a lot of drama and everything a teenage girl can ask for. A terrific debut novel!
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