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Watch out Katniss! AMAZING BOOK
(Updated: November 03, 2012)
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Saba definitely reminds me of Katniss. Watch out Katniss, you've got some competition, and I have a feeling you're going to lose!!!

Blood red Road is set in the future, where water is nearly impossible to find, and the whole world is one big desert. 18 year old Saba has spent her whole life at Silverlake. She lives with her brother "Lugh" (pronounced Lou), her sister "Emmi" and her father. Saba does everything with Lugh (everyone says that Lugh is "Day", with his golden hair and blue eyes, and Saba is "Night" with her dark hair and eyes), but she definitely could do without her annoying sister.

Saba's Pa hasn't been the same since their mother died, he shut down and is withdrawn, which really reminded of Katniss and her mother. Saba's Pa always has his head stuck in the clouds, believing he can read the stars and that everyone's life have already been decided for them. He also says that he knows what is in store for Saba and Lugh. Lugh however, thinks that their Pa is absolutely bonkers, but Saba doesn't really know what to believe.

Suddenly, Lugh is stolen from home for reasons that Saba doesn't figure out until later in the book. Suddenly, Saba is involved in an epic quest that will take her all the way across the dry, barren land that she calls home.

On the way, Saba learns a lot about herself and the world around her. She discovers that she has more strength than she thought she could have. She also discovers, among other things, that she has space in her heart for more people than Lugh. A man called Jack, a cage fighter with a very bad reputation, ends up stealing her heart and Saba finds out just how funny, smart, arrogant, infuriating, and helpful he is. She also meets a band of rebel girls, who agree to help her as well, although their leader warns her not to trust Jack.

What really was supposed be a simple search and retrieve turns into an elaborate escape plan that makes Saba use every skill she's every learnt, and she will need to trust her new friends with her family, her life, everything she cares about, and wit Jack, her heart.

When they finally find Lugh, Saba realises that everyone will have to leave and go their separate ways. She realises that she really doesn't want to let go of Jack, but he promises her that they will see each other again. I have a feeling though, that it not going to be as straightforward as that. I can't wait for the next book!
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