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Wow. This book lived up to my expectations! This was not another whiny-girl love story. This was actually very good!
The story that was told in this book was about Juliette, who can kill someone by touching him/her. How cool and horrible is that? Never being able to touch anyone should be terrible. Not being able to shake hands, or help someone when they need it. But, you can't be touched by anyone either. So when a tiny, little accident happens, and a little bit of your bare skin and someone elses bare skin are involved, you might just end up killing someone...
Juliette, the main character, is unique. Not only because of her 'gift', but also because of the way she acts and reacts to things. Juliette might always do something unpredictable, just to keep the story interesting. She will not obey orders from someone she dislikes. Actuall, she just won't obey orders, because she has her own will, one of the few things that still is hers.
The world this book was set in reminded me a little bit of the Hunger Games. Mainly that was because of the Reestablishment, they were like the Capitol. Also, the world is destroyed. Then there was Juliette, who was in the same position as Katniss was in in Mockingjay. Fight for them, or fight agains them. I didn't mind the tiny things they had in common. Actually, I liked those things, and I loved the Hunger Games.
The writing style of the author was great, easy to get through and a normal pace. This made the book even more enjoyable!
And oh my god the romance in this book was so awesometastic. Usually I am not the girl who loves the romance books. Of course, I like romances, but it shouldn't be a book only about romance. Tahereh Mafi combined romance and action in this novel, and she totally nailed it. I didn't lose my concentration once while reading this book. I didn't even look on facebook or twitter, which is a total miracle!
Only one thing, don't start reading this book on the evening before you've got to take 3 exams! I hope I didn't fail any :S I just couldn't put this book down, and well, then my study schedual was messed up :$ But whatever, it was totally worth it!

A book I'd recommend to every girl that loved the Hunger Games, or any other dystiopian series that contains romance. Full of romance and action, Shatter me really is a read you should be checking out!

I honestly can't wait for Unravel me, the sequel to shatter me. Too bad it'll take so long until it releases...

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