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Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars was a book I had heard about briefly before BEA. I picked up a copy, thinking it looked pretty cool. Then I found out James Dashner had blurbed it, so that definitely put it on my radar. What I happened to find was one of those super rare gems of a book that are absolutely brilliant. Oh my golly, this book is absolutely, freaking fantabulous and I loved it so so much.

This book was super well written – one of the best written books I’ve read in months. Then it was told in alternating chapters between the two main characters for the majority of the book, which was super cool.

The premise of The Pearl Wars was really unique. I loved that it was unlike anything I had ever read, and then still every time I would think something was set in stone it was time for some new cool plot curve. The Pearl Wars kept my attention for the entire book – I literally sat for 3 hours and didn’t put it down until I finished. I didn’t want to.

The one thing I wish I had known was just a little more background about Madame and the government. She knew so much and sent Cassius on this mission, I just constantly wanted to know more and the waiting drove me nuts! I still would love to know more, and I hope that more of those answers are revealed in book 2.

The characters were really quite marvelous. I absolutely loved Avery. I thought she was super spunky and had so much confidence. I wasn’t Jesse’s biggest fan at first, but he was a character that really grew on me as the book went on. That really went for Cassius as well.

This book really didn’t have any romance, which was super lovely. I take that back, I guess it did, a little. But it was a super underlying plot element and really didn’t like take over the plot. It was so refreshing. There really need to be more books like this.

I cannot wait for the next book – this book was nicely tied up, but now there are so many questions I have and I am so giddy to find out where the story will go. It has been quite awhile since I’ve read a super fabulous science fiction-y read.

The Pearl Wars was a marvelous debut. It was super brilliant and comes with a super snazzy looking cover. With its original premise and fantastic cast of characters, The Pearl Wars will be a book you will not want to miss.
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