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The Epic Ending to an Epic Series
(Updated: March 28, 2012)
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Oh, YAY! Finally! Archer or Cal? Cal or Archer? I'm pleased with the outcome. Sad about one part, but it worked for this story. Very well!

Rachel Hawkins has written another book that has lots of humor. The amount of nervousness that Sophie feels, she exudes that much wit in return. It's hilarious! Honestly, who doesn't make bad jokes when they're nervous? I do!

This book had more information for Sophie to find out more of who she is...from her mother's side of the family. We got her dad's history in Demonglass. With the cliffhanger in Demonglass, you kind of figured it out, but it's nice to see you're correct in your assumption!

I'm glad that Hawkins wrote such great friends for Sophie. Imagine taking on evil on your own! When Jenna and Archer joined Sophie and Cal when they were going to the Underworld...I just sobbed. I had to put the book down for a moment! Sheesh! Archer, Jenna, Cal, and even Elodie were great in this book!

Yay for Mrs. Casnoff! Without her, there is no telling what would have happened there at the end.

Overall, I enjoyed and really liked Spell Bound. However, there wasn't as much "SHAZAM!" in this one as the first 2 books. I love the series and will read all 3 again at some point. They all have a happy home on my lovely bookshelf...and my heart.
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Great humor
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