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Pandemonium left me craving for more!
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Oh. My. God! This book is awesome!
1. The characters developed a lot. There were new characters, and old ones disappeared... Sometimes I missed them, it seemed like I wasn't reading Delirium #2 but Pandemonium #1... Still, the new characters were as good as the 'old' characters.
2. The story was great. It was told in Now-Then style. I had to get used to that, because you were reading 2 stories at once, but once I got used to it, it was easy to read, and it kept the stories interesting.
3. The writing style is great. In all of Oliver's books you can see that her writing style is great. It's easy to read, but it doesn't make you feel like you're reading a MG book. There weren't lots of mistakes and editing errors it in, which was super because they always keep on annoying me...
4. The ending is torture! I need to read Requiem NOW! This is the worst type of cliffhanger, the time I have to wait is so long. I might need to invent a time machine...
5. the cover is gorgeous! It represents the book very well. But I can't really explain it, because that'd be too spoilery
6. page was superb! It wasn't too quick so I did not have to re-read parts of the book, but it wasn't too slow either.

It's not easy to find a book you love as much as this one! A page-turner filled with romance, action, friendship and lots of problems.

I will stop reviewing this book right now, because I just can't really tell you about it without spoiling... *sigh*
Go read this book now. It's worth your time!!
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