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First of all, I have to stay honest, and I honestly didn't like this book.
I had lots of problems with the main character, Blue. She thinks that her life is miserable, only because of a crazy family and name. Of course, those aren't big problems, most of teens deal with crazy families *at least, I do* and sometimes they have crazy names. What's in a name? :) The minor problems don't make her life miserable, or at least they shouldn't, or there is something seriously wrong with Blue. I actually like her name, Blue is a funny name ^^ But, back to my problems with her. She is one of those girls I usually avoid talking to. A girl who does always want attention. Then there is a hot guy, who is one of the most popular boys AND is 4 years older, and what does she? She falls in love with him *sigh* This is what I call the Twilight-effect. *I didn't look it up, but is it allowed to be dating a guy aged 18 when you're 14? In the NL the 18+ one isn't allowed to 'touch' the under-18-year-old one. Don't know how that's in the rest of the world. I don't mean that they check it or something, just that you as the younger one can use it against the older one in e.g. a trial.*
Then there are her crazy-in-a-bad-way friends. All they can talk about are boys, boys and boys. I mean, they go to school, shouldn't they at least talk a little bit about that? Maybe one line in a whole book? Well, in this book they didn't talk about school AT ALL. School means a lot to me, as a 'normal' teen girl. Other things are important, too, and I don't like to talk about it all the time, but I talk about school with my friends. But whatever, maybe it's just something that has to do with me.
Then there comes the school musical. Of course, already when the words school musical are mentioned, you know that she is going to get a part. She gets to play the mother of her crush. -.-
Getting on to the next character, the only one I did like a little, Colin. He's working in the barn at Blue's house. He is honest, normal and funny. But then it gets bad, because he falls in love with Blue *noooo* and that's the end of the awesome Colin. There are some crazy scenes involving Colin in this book. He is following Blue everywhere, or at least that's how it seemed to me. Stalker-alert!
The crazy friends say that Blue should put the boys on the ledge. You know, the place you jump from when you commit suicide --' which declares the title.

There are three more books in this series, each written about on of the crazy friends.

I read a couple of 4- and 5-star reviews on GoodReads. I do understand that people liked this book. I guess I just don't like this type of books, that are about nothing... *sigh*

1 star...
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