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what an amazing idea!
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-on the characters: I liked that the girls ruled in this book. They (Tally and Shay) dared to do more than anyone. And the fact that a man wrote this book makes it even more fantastic. Tally is this girl you want to have as a friend, but you are too shy for. (or at least, I'm to shy for being her friend) and Shay is this one girl that is pretending always. Pretending that she dares to do everything. Pretending her life is perfect. But you will find out her life is not perfect after all when you get to know her better...
-on the future the book displays: Okay, this is very hard to say without spoilers. I liked the world at first, it seemed all perfect and better. But when you get to know this world and its secrets you will be horrified! There are some pretty cool inventions like hoverboards on which you can fly and bungeejackets with which you can bungeejump without the elastic cord :D
-on the way the book was written: The way this book was written annoyed me, a lot. It was way to simply written. Example (book) She wore a green T-shirt. (better) She wore a shirt. It was green, with a few spots on it that showed how often it was already worn. The shirt was a little bit oversized, but she looked very good in it. (or whatever) That was a very bad example, but I hope that you get my point
-on the cover: This cover sucks! There also are other versions of this book, and their covers are way more pretty. But I still think the cover has something to do with the books
-the end: Great, unespected, but a torture. I will say it always, so also now: I hate cliffhangers!

I liked this book, I even liked it very much! The amounts of girlpower, romance and hate are perfectly balanced. I think this book is more enjoyable for children a little younger than me, about 11-12 years old. It was a pageturner, but I could put it away, so it was not a very pageturnery pageturner... I'll give this book

3.5 stars
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