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The Fault in our Stars is my favourite book of 2012!
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This book was perfect!!! Everyone should read it! The title, which is based on a Shakespeare-quote, was perfect for this book, and I cannot think of any improvements to this book, honestly.
I will list a few things I loved about this book below:

-the characters: They both have this great sense of humor, and they both are not their disease, but just themselves. They love to read, they care about their friends, their love is real, they are honest. Everyones should be like them - the disease...
-the story in general: Most of the books about kids with cancer are boring and just not my thing. This story was great, because it was not a normal cancer story. The characters were not boring, they were not sad, they do other things than suffer, they live. Things happen to them, even when they have cancer. It just seemed so realistic!
-the parts about the Netherlands: I, as a Dutch girl, do love to read about American *or from every other country* people visiting the Netherlands. I love to read about what other people think is stange about the coutry I live in, because to me it is just normal. And I love to read about prejudices made about Dutch people. This book included 'All Dutch people talk in lots of languages' 'there are coffeeshops on every corner of the street' and 'Dutch people dare to ask questions American people would not ask.' And you know, they all are *partly* true!
-the ending of the story: How on earth could you break my heart like this, John Green. This book changed my like. An ending like this will leave everyone heartbroken, and by that I mean EVERYONE! This is a very unusual ending, and it fitted the book so well. It was very sad and funny at the same time. It was like the characters, it was like it really happens. It almost seemed as if it were a non-fictional book. I even looked at the first page again, and read again the words of the author that really said that this was a work of fiction, which left me surprised
-how this book changed me: As Cassandra Clare once wrote: “One must always be careful of books, and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.” This book has changed my view on the world. It showed me that we don't have infinity, and that we just have to make the best of the timee we have. It shows us that Dutch people really are lunatics, especially if they're from Amsterdam. It showed me that people that have cancer do not have to be sad always, because they are going to die. It showed me that books really do change your life. It showed me a way more things I had never really thought about before, and made me think about them a lot.
-how this book made me feel: I have never cried this much while reading a book. I have to be honest about this. I do not cry while reading very quick, but this book made me first cry around page 50, and I did not stop crying until hours after finishing this book. The day after reading this I looked like a zombie *in a bad way* and almost fell asleep during classed

John Green did live in Amsterdam for 2 months! In a street I have been to. John Green lived someplace I had been before. GOD lived in Amsterdam, in my country!! *freaks out*

run to your bookstore. Go buy this book! Is it night? Go to amazon/bookdepository/barnesandnoble/whatever and but this book! But only start reading it when you have enough time to read it in one sit, or you'll end up like a total zombie, like I ended up after reading till 4AM!!

I would give this book a zillion stars out of five :)
100000000000000000000000/5 :) (or just 5/5, since that is the highest rating available...)
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