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Fire Fire
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To be frank, I wasn't so keen on this book at first. After all, I hate tragedies, and doomed love seems to say it all. But wait! Will & Jacinda's romance is far from heart-wrenching & teary--

It's simply breathtaking!

How ancient creatures cross paths with modern day high school; how Will (draki hunter) falls in love with the girl whom he had once saved in draki form; how the draki clan heir keeps his eyes on our heroine...

Need I spell it out?

This is a must-read!

I heart Will! He is no tortured Edward Cullen, who goes "I am attracted to you-I'm dangerous-stay away-it's for your own good". Instead, Will fights to be with Jacinda in front of the whole school, finally stealing her heart and mine!

Ooh, but what about the heir to the draki clan. Fear not, there is no love triangle. The book keeps its momentum and appeal simply with Will and Jacinda, a couple exploring the boundaries of their heritage.

Sophie Jordan does not let us off lightly though, she keeps us leaning forward on our seats by ending the novel with a cliffhanger. Jacinda is forced to flee into the mortal world when she breaks her clan's most sacred tenet, and now, she has gone against her clan's most sacred vows again, by turning into a draki right in front of Will's family. NOTE: they are draki hunters.

Inevitably, she has to leave her new life outside of the clan and go back to where she came from.

And, yes, the book ends here, which is really cruel! What of Will and Jacinda? Don't worry, the sequel is out. Look out for Vanish.
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