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Omega Theory book review
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The Omega Theory is a fast paced sci-fi thriller, with interesting high end electronics as the main topic. This original story that jumps right into the action was a very gripping read. I think this book blends fictional and realistic ideas together perfectly, not only citing existing ideas and current technological advances, but also adding some unorthodox theories, incorporating them into the story, fabricating a fantastic, yet semi-believable environment. However, when he adds such a large amount of unusual theories into the plot, it tends to seem a bit unrealistic, such as the idea that X-ray lasers converged on a single point makes the universe “crash”. Another thing I didn’t like about this book was the ending: when it was nearing the resolution, their problems vanish, defeating outrageous odds with tools that just appeared out of nowhere, such as an impossibly superior quantum computer that exceedingly surpasses modern supercomputers, being able to decrypt private keys from public keys in “about an hour”. And this was built by one man, the whole thing kept in a cabinet. Overall, this book was a pretty good book to read.
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I liked how the book has many uncommon ideas incorporated into it, making the book a much more interesting read.
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