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Kill or Be Killed
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In the country of Panem, a terrifying reality television show called the Hunger Games takes place. From each of the twelve districts, one girl and one guy are chosen as tributes to fight in the event until only one remains. When the main character, Katniss, sees that her own sister is chosen, she steps forward to take her place in the deadly event. Afterwards, she meets Peeta, a boy who changes her in ways not even she can understand. The outcome of Katniss in the games is fairly predictable towards the ending because we see her use her amazing survival skills and tactics throughout the entire book.
Not only is the plot incredible, the characters are fairly interesting as well. Katniss is a believable character because many of her actions are strongly motivated by love. Because she loves her sister, she is willing to risk her own life just to protect her sister's. Normally, when we truly love someone a lot, we would do anything for them. Even so, Katniss can be frustrating to like sometimes, because she is often oblivious to other's feelings, ending up hurting them. I think that may be the only upsetting thing about her incredible character. Her ways of staying strong, both physically and emotionally, are extremely inspirational.
I think that the language is gripping because the author, Suzanne Collins, doesn't drag on and on about places and characters in lengthy descriptions. Instead she is straight forward and often uses shorter sentences to create even more dramatic tension. The first person point of view of Katniss also enhances the reading experience because it feels like we are facing the deadly obstacles in the games as well, keeping us turning the pages rapidly.
I would give this book four and a half stars out of five because it is full of suspense and adventure. There are rarely any boring pages because it's very fast paced. I also like how the violent killing scenes aren't gruesome or disgustingly bloody, making it much easier to read. Overall, the book is captivating and fantastic. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys action, adventure, or romantic drama.
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