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"There is need. And then there is Fate...
(Updated: March 20, 2012)
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This second installment in the Covenant series does not disappoint. Alex has suffered greatly and at the hands of the one person she loved most in this world, her mother. She can't seem to escape the nightmares, the memories of her time spent held captive by her daimon-turned mother or the guilt she feels over Caleb's injuries.

She also can't seem to escape Seth. As her fated "other half", he's on her like stink on a dog, like white on rice, like a daimon half-blood on an Apollyon. Seth's everywhere Alex is and it's putting a serious cramp in her attempt to spend time with Aiden, the pure-blood she loves. Alex knows it's forbidden but breaking the rules has never been a problem for her before. She's willing to sacrifice everything for Aiden but she's not sure what his real feelings for her are? Does he feel the same? Would he be willing to sacrifice everything for her too?

Then there's Seth and the weird connection he and Alex share. There are a few benefits to having Seth around, like how he can sense when she's in danger or how their connection does allow her to rest when he's close but that means he has to hang out in her room which she's not entirely cool with. As she continues to understand what exactly will happen once she "Awakens", Alex also struggles with the feelings she has when she's close to Seth. Are those feelings legit or are they just a result of their fate?

The stakes are raised when daimons begin invading all of the Covenants, attacking students. This forces the gods to send in the furies which are determined to take out anything that threatens the gods or the Covenant, including the Apollyon and Alex. A battle ensues and Alex will once again lose people she loves, leaving her to question if the future the Oracle told her was true. She'll also have to battle against an unseen force that seeks to control Seth and destroy her either by death or forcing her into servitude. Who will survive and who will die? And will Alex choose, need or fate?

This book left me breathless, a little heartbroken but anxiously awaiting the next book, Deity. (all good things in my book) For whatever reason, the digital version (Kindle/Nook) released early and came with bonus items (I *hearts* BONUS ITEMS!) like two scenes from Seth's POV as well as Chapter 1 of Deity.
Good Points
Alex questions her feelings for Seth and whether or not what she's feeling is real or just a result of the connection which I think is smart. She's not just going along with it because others are telling her it's what she's supposed to be doing.
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