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Deception point book review
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Deception Point Book Review
“Exceedingly clever…. Fascinating and fun…a considerable achievement.” is the praise that the Washington post gave to this book that I wholeheartedly agree to. The US presidential election is coming up, and both candidates are arguing over the necessity of keeping NASA. Meanwhile, pro-NASA presidential candidate Zack Henry, who is also the current president, received news that NASA may have found a huge meteorite in the arctic with samples of extra-terrestrial organisms. The president sent Rachael Sexton, daughter of his opponent senator Sexton, and a team of scientists to investigate the meteorite. As the team of scientists went on a trip to retrieve new samples of the meteorite, to solve some errors in the previous data, they were ambushed by a team of deadly assassins.
I think the plot of this book is excellent, because it is very unpredictable and compelling. The story is set in modern time, so it is easy for readers to understand what the author is saying. Dan Brown continues his style of blending esoteric information into his story to amaze readers in this book.
I really like the characters in this book, because they are all very realistic. The author is of this book is really good at displaying the characters emotions at different life threatening situation, making the characters believable.
Overall, I think Deception Point is a great thriller, and it is so compelling that I finished this book in a day. I would recommend this book to thriller lovers, or just Dan Brown fans.
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