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The adventurous action story of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins sets in the nation of Panem, or a place once known as North America. The nation of Panem is made of a Capitol surrounded by 12 districts which border it. To assure authority and keep districts in order, the Capitol forces all districts to send a boy and a girl, between the ages of 12 and 18, to participate in the annual Hunger Games, which is a fight to death between the 24 teenage tributes. The victor, or the last one standing, is heavily rewarded and his or her district is also showered with food and luxuries. On the day of picking, Katniss, the protagonist, takes her younger sister’s spot as she is chosen.
Though unwilling, Katniss begins an adventurous battle which fully portrays her bravery. With District 12 counting on her for prizes and food, her sister surviving with a single, half-depressed mother, and the expectations of the Capitol, Katniss is still determined to fight the odds of survival and win the Games. Under so much pressure, her ability to be able to manage problems is incredible and definitely admirable. However, the most intriguing part of Katniss is her overall character development through the story as a stubborn girl who ends up learning to trust.
Throughout the novel, the language used is fairly simple, but very effective. Collins’ use of simple words paint an imaginative, but clear story. Though sometimes over-imaginary and somewhat hard to believe, the story itself is very well thought out and plotted. Collins takes complete advantage of the story’s future setting as she expresses what a future world would look like. Through the eyes of a teenage girl, the novel presents a unique point of view that constantly gives a tense feeling, which keeps readers at the tips of their mind, ready to flip to the next page. With weird relationships clashing with physically bloody battles, the novel consistently keeps the reader sucked in. This book is definitely a five star book and is for action and suspense lovers!
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