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Satisfying Conclusion to a Great Paranormal Series
(Updated: March 17, 2012)
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After the cliffhanger ending in DEMONGLASS, I was worried SPELL BOUND wouldn't live up to my expectations. I shouldn't have worried. SPELL BOUND is a great conclusion to the very successful Hex Hall series.

First off, I love Sophie. I love her voice which has just the right amount of snark without being over the top. The revelation of who she really is will be finally addressed. Let's just say she's not really sure what to think of it. Seems she has not only demon blood but witch blood too. And that witch blood is from the Brannick's side, who just happen to be sworn enemies of the Prodigium. Seems her parents lived their own Romeo and Juliet story.

Archer, her boyfriend and supposed enemy, has some great dialogue plus the chemistry between the two of them feels real. Cal on the other hand, her fiance, feels more like a big brother type. I admit, I really feel for poor Cal in a few of the scenes. Elodie is back too. She brings mean girl to a whole new level. Ghost Elodie is able to take over Sophie's body, which can be totally terrible to her love life.

The plot has some great revelations. Seems Sophie has more surprises awaiting her after the Prodigium Council strips her of her powers. There's a little of something for everyone: romance, suspense, a huge final climax that has a surprising ending, and of course, Sophie arcing as a character.

A very satisfying conclusion to a engaging paranormal series. This whole series is as addictive as chocolate. You want to read more! I heard rumors that some readers are curious if there might be a spin-off series with one of the new characters. A Brannick twist would be very fun!
Good Points
1. Great voice
2. Does a great job of ending this trilogy
3. Love Sophie! She has just enough snark to be hilarious without being over the top
4. This whole series is as addictive as chocolate--You want more!
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