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Hello Contemporary, where have you been for the past three years?
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There are some books that make you cry. There are some books that make you laugh. Then there are those that make you laugh so hard that you cry. Anna and the French Kiss falls under the last category. I'm not the biggest fan of contemporary. It was all I really read in High School and Middle School. It's like eating too much cheesecake. You love cheesecake, but since it's the only dessert you ever ate for four years you start to get a little sick of it. Then by the time you reach college the very sight of cheesecake makes you want to gag.

Okay, so the cheesecake metaphor isn't a true story...but you get my gist, right?
I have been dodging contemporary for some time now, but am I glad that I finally dove back in with Stephanie Perkin's novel! It was funny and it felt REAL! All the awkward moments made me feel so bad for Anna and I too felt that awkwardness. It's also very rare (at least for me) to find a light read that has depth. This book had depth. The characters were three dimensional and had emotions and feelings. They weren't there just to throw out some quips. In short, they weren't caricatures...and sometimes I feel like many YA characters become just that.

So yeah, I loved it. I adored it. I want to go to Paris and fall magically in love with an English man. If only. I'm actually from Atlanta, GA...which made it that much more entertaining since Anna is from Atlanta. There is a line about how everyone from GA goes to Panama City Beach...well this is soooo true! I have been to PCB (yes we abbreviate it) or around PCB every year for every Spring Break along with the rest of the state.

Lastly, don't think I forgot...Etienne St. Clair. Who has now taken the position as one of my all time favorite guys in YA. He's English, he's hot, and he's not perfect. Yeah, that last line may be weird...but I adore guys who aren't perfect in books. Because let's face it - that guy DOES NOT exist. Etienne isn't perfect, which makes him more real and give his character more depth. His relationship with Anna is really natural and definitely not insta-love, which is a plus. I swoon. He's the best almost-perfect guy you could get.

I have Lola and the Boy Next Door on my shelf, so I'll be reading that soon. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a good laugh, loves Paris, and who has a soft spot for accents. If you're hesitant to read contemporary like I was, this book may be the best pick-me-up for the genre! Be brave and take a chance! I know I did, and it sure as hell paid off !
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