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Usually when a novel is marked as a companion and not a sequel, the novel is strong enough to stand on its own. This is not the case with Invisible Sun. At first I found this novel difficult to get into. It did not hook me from the beginning and I found myself feeling a little out of the loop. That being the case, I decided to read Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill first. After hearing it was recommended by Suzanne Collins, and being a fan of the Hunger Games, my interest was peaked. What a shocking discovery!

Black Hole Sun mixed sarcasm and science-fiction to create a well written page-turning experience. It can best be described as Science Fiction meets the all American western! Once having finish the first novel I needed to find out more. I couldn't wait to get back into Invisible Sun. I suddenly was hooked into the book and it was one I couldn't put down. Like Black Hole Sun, there is a mixture of humor, witty comeback, and a body count. There is a lot of action and violence as well, which may be too much for some readers. However I do not feel this took away from the quality of the plot at all.

Durango and Vienne are likable characters that are independent yet can work as a team. It was great to get to delve a little deeper into their characters from the first book.

Highly recommended action filled book, but you must read Black Hole Sun first. More Science-Fiction in genre with underlying dystopian points.
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Witty humor
Interesting plot twists
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