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Hades doesn't hold a candle to Halo.
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First, let me say that I don't like giving a negative review of anything, especially something like a book because I know there's a person (an author) behind it but I also have to be honest and say I just did not enjoy this book. I enjoyed "Halo", beautiful cover and all and was looking forward to reading this one but was disappointed.

Maybe it was because Bethany spends the majority of her time in Hades aka Hell (all the heat, sadness and tortured souls does get a little depressing after a while) or maybe because I just wasn't as into the storyline like I was with "Halo", Idk.
(There's a really slim chance it could be because there was a lot less of Xavier but I can neither confirm nor deny that.)
I know the writing itself isn't stellar but I'm OK with that. I liked the lightheartedness of "Halo" and I guess I kind of expected a lot of the gloom and doom of Hades but I sure hope the third book, "Heaven" will be just that, Heaven. (Now, I have "Just like Heaven" by The Cure running through my head...)
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