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An interesting, suspenseful, romantic & slightly creeptastic read!
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Another book I thought I could just read a few pages of and ended up finishing in less than 24 hours and the start of another trilogy. Like a moth to a flame = Me to an unfinished trilogy/series...*sigh*

I enjoyed this book. It's Dystopia meets TLC's "Sister Wives" meets "Twilight Zone" meets "Romeo and Juliet"., sort of. :) A beautiful cover and a well written story that's interesting, suspenseful, heart breaking, romantic and slightly creepy all at the same time.

In this story, 16 year old, Rhine Ellery, 19 year old Jenna and 13 year old Cecily are kidnapped from Manhattan and forced to become sister wives to Linden Ashby, the 20 year old son of rich scientist Vaughn Ashby. Dr. Ashby's lifelong goal is to find a cure for the "virus" that has been claiming the lives of the world's children for the past several generations. Females only live until the age of 20 and males only live until the age of 25 and no one can seem to figure out why. Dr. Ashby will do whatever it takes to prolong the life of his only son even at the expense of his daughter-in-laws lives.

Each of the wives views the marriage differently but Rhine only wants to escape and return to her twin brother, Rowan who has no idea what has happened to her. She thinks she has everyone in her new life figured out but slowly begins to realize that not everyone and everything is as it seems. She also discovers that there have been other wives before she and her "sisters" which adds a sinister twist. In her efforts to formulate an escape plan, she enlists the help of young, good looking Gabriel, one of the servants in her new home with whom she's developing a dangerous attraction to.

Ahh, Gabriel, like Rhine, he too is an orphan but has served at the mansion for so long he doesn't remember what life (freedom) is like outside of it but will do almost anything to help her escape. He's brave, compassionate but most of all he's kind even when those around him are not so nice to him.

Linden, Rhine's new husband is sheltered, clueless and needy but he does have a genuine love for her. He grows on you after awhile but I did find myself torn between feeling sorry for him and wanting to shake him and yell, "Wake up man!".

Linden's father is CREEPY! There's just no other word for him. It's like watching a scary movie when the bad guy is coming up to his next victim with a smile on his face and a knife behind his back and you're screaming at the person on the screen to "RUN AWAY!" but the person just walks right into the trap and ends up hacked to bits. Yep, that's Dr. Vaughn Ashby for you.

Cecily is the youngest and she's caught between still being a child and wanting so badly to be a woman. One minute she wants to be BFF's with Rhine and Jenna and the next minute she's a jealous wife. DeStefano did a great job of showing her internal battle with this and her external tantrums.

Jenna is probably my favorite character. She's stoic, feisty, graceful, funny, and incredibly selfless which you wouldn't expect given her background. We should all be so lucky to have a Jenna in our lives.

I liked the way this first book of the trilogy ended. It left me with a subtle peace, which I'm sure is a hologram* all it's own but I also can't wait for the next book!

*(if you read the book, you'll understand this reference)
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