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Linger left me a bit wanting.
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I wasn't as excited about Linger as I was about Shiver. It's still a well written story and author Steifvater does a good job of giving the reader complex (and new) characters who, while flawed, are also full of life, raw emotion and believable.

While I was happy that Sam's future seemed brighter than before, Grace's life became more chaotic. Her parents who've been like absentee parents for the past 17 years decide to go "parental" on her and it creates lots of problems for she and Sam. When Grace comes down with a mysterious illness, she begins to question her future as well as the future of her beloved wolves and Sam struggles to find a way to help her.

Isabel is still dealing with the guilt she feels over the loss of her brother (not in the most productive ways) and her parents, who are both self-medicating, are of no help to her. She and Grace have grown closer which is good for both of them but she senses another loss in the near future and she isn't sure she can handle that. She meets her match in newcomer Cole though and sparks begin to fly...sometimes a little too much.

Cole is the epitome of bad boy with good looks, talent and a bad attitude. The kind of guy that makes young girls swoon and normally good natured Dads want to lock-n-load. But he has a story and he might just be the only one who can save Grace.

There was quite a bit more teenage angst and rebellion in this book. There was also a lot more sexual tension which is normal during the teen years but good to know ahead of time if you're a parent of a young reader.

I'm looking forward to reading, "Forever", the final installment in this series but I do hope it's a bit less melancholy.
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