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100 Word Review by Olivia
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In 1923 Chicago, debutant Gloria’s engagement protects her from family scandal, although she might cause one as a speakeasy singer. Best friend Lorraine, the flapper wannabe, is slipping in society standing and chasing the wrong boy. And cousin Clara, here keeping Gloria respectable, hides from a wounded heart and Big Apple past.

I found Gloria unsympathetic: a spoiled, erratic princess pursuing flighty “dreams”. Lorraine’s seductress bad girl role felt forced and fake. Clara’s past mistakes made her intriguing and relatable. Despite easily guessed plot twists, the period slang and speakeasy settings are worth the read! Clearly setting up the sequel.

Age Range: Recommended for ages 13+, but your mileage may vary! Moderate cursing, some violence, rivers of booze, sexual situations, rebellious themes.
Olivia’s Rating: 2.5 out of 5 smiley pumpkins
Good Points
Clara. The 1920s setting. Light read.
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