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(Updated: April 20, 2012)
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I think it could have been better. There wasn't much meaning in it. It was pretty good, but not the best book ever. Also, I didn't really like how the author made it into a love story. It made the book just another romance with scary things in it. I think that Katniss should've kept strong instead of falling in love. I mean, it's great that the hero is a girl for once, but of course, she has to fall in love.
Good Points
I think that the author did a good job of making you feel the emotions of the characters. I could feel all of the emotions that Katniss felt in the arena. The author described her feelings very well, so I felt them too. When one of Katniss’s close friends died, I felt her sadness. I could better understand why Katniss did things by feeling her emotions. I could understand why she suddenly became so determined to win at one part in the book. I could feel her feelings, how she was so sad and angry that her friend had died, and she felt like she had to avenge her.
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