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When it comes to paranormal, I think the furthest thing down on my list of interests would be zombies. I like them, especially in Romero's movies, but reading about them has never been something that I've caught on to. Then why, oh why, did I pick up this book? Easy ... the cover. I seriously think it was the boots the cheerleader was wearing - I kind of have a fetish for boots that look like that. Guilty pleasure.

From that first paragraph, I was absolutely hooked. There were a few slow places, but it always managed to pick back up and hold your interest. I was absolutely enthralled by the characters. They were developed brilliantly -- especially Adam, who you could see changing practically right before your eyes. He was an absolute delight. But Adam's not the only one ... I like that Phoebe was not concerned about what people thought and actually gave the zombies (or "differently biotic") a chance. Karen was also a great character, evolving as the story went. She made a true effort to become more like the living than some of the other characters. Tommy was the unofficial spokesperson of the living impaired, and he really had a way of teaching you about them, as well as gaining your empathy. The character that I didn't think developed enough was the token bad guy, Pete, but I think that's just because we don't really know enough about his past ... so, his actions seem a little extreme. I'm not a huge fan of the ending. I know there's a reason for it and it just seemed inevitable when you read closer to the ending, but I didn't want it to happen.

Overall, this is a wonderful read. The writing is wonderful, the plot is good -- except for the ending -- and it's a pretty decent read. Not the quickest read out there, being almost 400 pages, but it honestly doesn't seem like it's that long.
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