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I feel like I keep seeing the two star-crossed lovers doomed to repeat their near romance again and again. While this story doesn't breath fresh life into that idea, the characters are compelling and the setting is interesting. It took a while for me to really feel hooked by the story because there seems to be a lot of story set up for the first quarter of the book. But then I found myself very interested in the doomed lovers and all of the quirky seondary characters. I did feel like the reader would benefit from a more fleshed-out explanation of the reason why Luce and Daniel can't be together, and there were a few places in the exciting end scenes where I felt cheated because Luce was never in any real danger and most of the drama happens off-page. However, it's a solid start to what could be a very interesting series, and I think the sequel deserves to be read to give the author a chance to flesh out the world building and really dig into the story.
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