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I love the Princess Diaries. The book and the series. Though this review only covers the first book, I will say you should read the entire series even the half books. Yes, I said the half books too. Some people find them to be annoying, but I think they only add to the series. Okay, I'm digressing from my review of the first book so back to it. It's awesome guys. Truly awesome. It's Meg Cabot at her finest. You want to be Mia despite her wacky problems and her lack of chest size. Plus, Meg does a spectacular job with the other characters in the book as well especially in the guy department. But then when does Meg Cabot not deliver in that particular department? Seriously, I would marry any of the love interests she throws out for us readers to salivate over. But I think the best thing about Princess Diaries is that it's well rounded in both plot and character and while it's not preachy like a lot of books I have read it does send a good message about being yourself and what not.
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