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Shattered Souls
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This book was a very engaging and exciting book about, love, souls, and a Speaker who cannot remember her past lives even though every speaker in history has been able to.

I loved the paranormal story line in this book. It's unique, and well thought out. Lenzi sends souls on their way by helping them finish their unfinished business, while Alden, her protector, helps her relearn everything she would have known if she hadn't lost her memory as well as doing his duties as her protector.

I love books about reincarnation, and this book has a strong theme about the reincarnation aspect of the book. Because Lenzi cannot remember her past lives Alden and other Protectors gives her flashes from her past that help her realize why she cannot remember her life as Rose, who she was in her past lives.

There is a romance aspect in this book, and I like that it was added, but it seemed to be very forced and not very sincere. It was almost insta-love, but it took a little bit longer than most insta-love stories.

I thought this book was a little bit rushed in the beginning and ended up being shorter than it had potential to be.

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Good Points
The book is very unique and has very interesting characters. The plot is very original and engaging and the way the romance plays out is unlike anything I have ever read before.
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