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I think I need to be "Patched" up.
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Nephilim (half angel/half human), Fallen Angels (yeah, those ones), mystery, danger and romance..."Hush Hush" has it all.

Nora Grey is the heroine in the story but Patch, the resident hot boy, steals the show! He walks into Nora's life by way of Biology class and he's tall, dark and all kinds of wrong for her but in all the right ways. He wears black from head to toe, hangs out at shady places and rides a motorcycle. He's the epitome of bad boy. He's also hiding something...the fact that he's a fallen angel. Just the kinda a guy you wanna bring home to meet Mom, right? I'd say Dad but in this case, Nora's is dead. He was murdered a few months ago. Back to Patch...

See, a long time ago, Patch fell in lust with a human and he thought he could just drop on down to Earth and have a little fun, being an angelic being and all but lo and behold, that's not how the angel world rolls or is it "flies"? When he tried to ascend back up, he ended up losing his wings - a few of those pesky avenging angels ripped them off for him. (how helpful of them, right?) Not only did he lose his wings, he lost his good reputation thus becoming an angel of the fallen variety - gasp!

Thankfully, there is a way for him to get his wings back and no, it has nothing to do with ringing bells like little Zuzu in "It's A Wonderful Life" believes when she tells everyone, "Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!" (My favorite movie, btw!) If Patch is to get his wings back he has to save a human's life although even doing so will only gain him a "Guardian" ranking which is not exciting to him. My guess is because this equates to mucking out stalls in the human world. The other option, according to the "Book of Enoch" is for him to possess the body of a Nephilim and then kill that person in order to become human. Considering he really, really wants to be a real live boy, he goes with what's behind door number 2. The only problem is that possession can only take place once a year during a specific two week period. It also helps if you don't end up falling in love with the person whose body you're trying to possess and ultimately kill.

Nora has spent the last few months dealing with her father's murder and adjusting to her Mom's new work schedule which takes her out of town for long stretches leaving Nora alone a lot. For the most part, she's your average teen who does well in school, obeys her Mom and has a BFF, Vee. All that changes when Vee is forced to change seats in Biology one day and Nora has to be lab partners with the new transfer student, Patch. She senses something is "off" about him but she can't quite put her finger on it although, after awhile she finds herself wishing she could put her fingers on him and this surprises and scares her. Strange things begin to happen in her life and she suspects that Patch has something to do with it.

Throughout the story, both Patch and Nora have tough lessons to learn, like how every action has a consequence and that some are a LOT more harsh than others as in Patch's case. (He has the scars to prove it) They're also faced with tough choices, life and death ones involving each other, those they care about as well as what each of them wants most in the world.
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