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Kind of what I consider a tortured contemporary.
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If I think too hard about this book, my brain kind of starts to hurt. I'm not going to say that's a bad thing, because in all honesty, it isn't. But Fracture is one of those books you really have to think about before you can understand what's going on.

Fracture is more of a tortured contemporary, if you ask me. There's only one paranormal aspect - if it's even paranormal and not something entirely crazy - and while it's a huge focus of the book, I don't think most would really consider it paranormal.

Delaney should be dead. She spent 11 minutes under freezing water, but her best friend Decker saved her, and somehow she survived. She's a miracle - y'know, supposedly.

Most of the time, I thought the way Delaney felt and reacted to things was very realistic. I mean, honestly, if you had died and came back perfectly fine even when you shouldn't have, you would have felt pretty weird, too. One aspect I really liked about Delaney was that she refused to take pills. Why would you want even more reasons to feel crazy?

Decker was the best part of Fracture for me, even though he was an idiot. But he handled how he felt about Delaney the way a lot of guys handle it - tried to ignore it and make out with someone else. No matter how much I hated that part, I loved how Decker would always drop everything and come to the rescue if Delaney needed him. And there were times when he actually *gasp* confessed his emotions. I don't see that very much YA anymore, so I got really excited when that happened.

Troy was another great part, just because he was so messed up, but at the same time, I could see where he was coming from. I can't say I would have done the same if I'd been in his shoes, but I can understand why he did it and why he thought he was doing good instead of harm.

The writing is where I really fell in love. Megan Miranda did such an amazing job at capturing Delaney's emotions and describing what was going on. Delaney's fear felt so real.

My biggest problem, and only problem, really, was that there are still so many questions. I still don't know why Delaney survived. Why she could tell when people were going to die. Why she and Troy could tell. And the thing is, the ending is that kind that ends perfectly for a stand-alone, but you can't help but question EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED. At the end of the book this was basically me: o_o Wut? Even though it wasn't like there was a cliffhanger or anything.

Overall: Fracture is a compelling novel that gripped me once I got into it. And while it might be about Delaney and her struggle to figure out what happened, I like to think that it's a novel about friendship, too. 4 stars.
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