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I’m a huge fan of YA sci-fi books. I loved Across the Universe and
couldn’t wait for the follow-up book. Some sequels fall flat and fail to
live up to the hype. Let me tell you though, A Million Suns lives up to
its hype and more.

Once again we are on the ship Godspeed. It’s been three months since
Elder unplugged Amy, and now a revolt is brewing.

What do I love about this series? First, it has a multicultural character,
Elder, who is multi-layered and far from being a ‘perfect’ leader. He
struggles with being leader and also his love for Amy. Leadership doesn’t
come easy to him. He finds that maybe the former Elder had some things
right. In his attempt to be more democratic, he opens up the others on
the ship to question. Questioning, though, could lead to his downfall.

Amy is strong and fearless at times, but also struggles with her own
feelings toward Elder. Like she mentions in the book:

…Love without choice isn’t love at all…

Sure she feels something for Elder, but she continues to ask herself if
she would feel this way if they were not on Godspeed and around other
teens. In the first book, people on board avoid her. Now she faces
outright outrage and even revulsion for being ‘different.’ Add to that her
frozen parents who are so close to her, yet so far away.

There’s also an unsolved mystery. What is the ship hiding? I love the
twists and turns in the plot as Amy follows clues Orion (the former exited
Elder in training) leaves for her. Can she find this secret in time before
the others on board overthrow Elder?

Revis creates a world that is believable, with writing that makes us feel
the paranoia, fear, and restlessness aboard the Godspeed. Action-filled
scenes keep you glued to each page, wanting to know what will happen next.
This book has it all: mystery, suspense, action, and romance. The ending
leaves you grasping for more!

Can’t wait for what happens next.
Good Points
1. Great follow-up to Across the Universe
2. Twists and turns that keep you reading
3. Couldn't put this book down! Yeah, it's that good!
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