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Scary that this might actually happen some day!
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great book! best for teens but good for adults too...
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The premise itself is great. It's a post-apocalyptic future and people with darker skin (nicknamed "Coals") rule the Earth and oppress all of the lighter skinned races, chiefly the white people ("Pearls"). Because of population control, all the races are forced to mate by the time they turn 18 or they are killed. The main character, Eden, is a Pearl and (you guessed it!) her 18th birthday is fast approaching. Her father is a scientist and is working on an antidote that could be a salvation to the world, but is being helped by a very wealthy Coal who Eden doesn't trust. Things get even more complicated when she starts feeling emotions for this `enemy' that she never expected she could.

Eden is an extremely relatable character. Even though she exists in a very different world than we do, she struggles with the same issues that all teens do at her age. She wants to find meaning, she wants acceptance, and she wants to be loved.

The setting of the book is really amazing, as well. I'm a huge dystopian fan so I totally ate this stuff up.

Overall, Revealing Eden is a great book. The author really makes it an interesting and entertaining read.
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