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4.3 6
Young Adult Fiction 2551
good read for lovers of dystopian novels
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This book had a pretty interesting premise which made it hard to put down because you can't help but want to see how things turn out for the heroin in this fantasy and adventure novel. The book contained an interesting blend of technology and grunge considering everyone was living underground to avoid dying from the Heat, otherwise known as the sun's radiation. If you're looking for a new book series to get into, I highly recommend this book. Not only does it set thinks up for a follow up book, but I'm more interested in reading a prequel to learn how the world got to what it was and people ended up living underground. How did this world turn apocalyptic, that's what I want to know now!
Good Points
I really liked the growing romance between Eden and Branson because you weren't really sure what was going on between them.
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