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"Shatter Me" will draw you in with it's poetic prose, hold you in it's grasp with it's heart racing romance and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. A must read!

17 year old Juliette hasn't been touched in 264 days. The last time she touched another human being, it had deadly consequences. Since then, she's been locked away; her world consisting only of the four concrete walls that separate her from the outside world. The world where The Reestablishment said their way was the only way to fix things but the animals have all disappeared, the seasons are mixed up and the sky is the wrong color. She dreams of fresh air, birds that fly, of feeling the touch of another human being, of having a choice.

What Juliette doesn't know is her world is about to change. The Reestablishment has changed their minds about her and she'll have to decide who to believe, who to trust. She'll have a choice. She'll have to decide whether to be a weapon of war or a warrior for a cause. What will she choose and will her heart betray her in the process?

I was trying to explain to someone just how good this book was and they asked me, "Is it like "Divergent" good or "Hunger Games" good?" I think they asked me this because they knew "Divergent" was my favorite book of 2011 with "The Hunger Games" coming in on my top ten favorites. I said, "This is a combination of both books with the best of the "X-Men" thrown in." It is made of pure AWESOMESAUCE!

Beautiful cover too!


Juliette is stronger than she realizes. To be locked away for three years and not go insane is a feat in and of itself. She is "good" like Adam keeps telling her because she's given many opportunities to take revenge (and rightly so) but she doesn't. She's selfless, and her concern for others is a great quality to have, especially if she wants to be a warrior instead of a weapon but I think this will get her into trouble in the sequels where Warner is concerned. I think he will find a way to manipulate her feelings and this will not only affect her relationship with Adam but the war between the Reestablishment and Omega Point too.

I absolutely adored Adam! He's beautiful, selfless, brave and the lengths he's gone too for both Juliette and James are heartbreaking in their tenderness. He's the only person whose ever seen Juliette for who she really is, not as a monster but as "good". How can you not love him?! He's willing to do anything to keep her safe and the chemistry the two have is palpable to say the least! *fans face* I know there's more to his story and I can't wait to find out what the real connection is to the bird tattoo and Juliette's dreams.

I want so badly to dislike Warner but I can't. Even though he too is gorgeous, there's just something about him that screams, "wounded little boy inside with Daddy issues" that makes me not hate him. (I kinda want to hug him and feed him milk and cookies or something) I certainly don't like him right now and I don't want him to end up with Juliette but I think there's hope for him still. Maybe. Hopefully. Even Darth Vader had redeeming qualities, right? Granted, it was when he was dying, but he did! :)

The only "negative" thing I can say about this book is that it's part of a trilogy and I have to WAIT for the next installment. I don't like to be patient when I'm fully invested in a great storyline. ;)
Good Points
I found the writing to be poetic in nature. I liked the how Mafi ended the book, leaving it open for the sequel but in such a way that doesn't leave the reader frustrated with too many unanswered questions.
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